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Veterinary Care Center of Hollywood, California replaces tanks with Airnetic Oxygen Supply
June 28th, 2017

Hollywood, CA

After we installed the Airnetic on-demand oxygen system, the Veterinary Care Center couldn’t be any happier. The Airnetic System has given the facility managers peace of mind (very important) and allowed the company to completely remove a third party vendor from delivering and changing tanks, thereby, freeing the practice from having to be dependent on the supplier’s delivery schedule.

More importantly, the installation of the Airnetic Oxygen Supply System means that our tech team never has to  worry about having to attach oxygen tanks properly – potentially mid-surgery, or worry about tanks running out. Moreover, there are no longer staff concerns about whether or not the oxygen supply backup system is going to function properly.

I would highly recommend Airnetic’s on-demand oxygen system to every veterinary hospital that has three room s and a surgery suite.

(See more in this video from the Veterinary Care Center of Hollywood, CA.)


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