How to choose the right Oxygen supply system for your veterinary practice
June 26th, 2019

With the new advancements in oxygen supply technology, now may be a good time to learn if an alternative to bottled Oxygen is right for your veterinary practice. Finding out which oxygen system is best for your veterinary practice isn’t as hard as it sounds. At Airnetic, we’ve developed the following guide to help you decide which Oxygen supply system fits your practice needs.

Understanding the differences and risks associated with commonly used Oxygen supply systems?

There are basically three types of Oxygen source technologies that are most commonly used in today’s veterinary hospitals: Bottled Oxygen (H-Tanks), Liquid Oxygen (Bulk & Portable Cryogenic Cylinders)  and traditional Oxygen Generators.

Bottled Oxygen

There are two sizes of bottled Oxygen used most often in veterinary clinics: H-Tank Cylinders and E-Tank Cylinders. H-cylinders hold approximately 6,600 liters of medical-grade oxygen and are far too heavy to be considered portable. At 2 LPM, an H-Tank can deliver about 55 hours of use. E-cylinders hold approximately 660 liters of medical-grade oxygen and are easily moved or mounted directly onto an anesthesia machine. At a use rate of 2 LPM,  oxygen volume equates to approximately 5.5 hours of use.

Key areas of concern associated with bottled Oxygen tanks include:

  • A variable monthly cost based on the volume of oxygen used plus delivery contracts and other fees
  • Staff safety issues, training, and the necessary space for on-site storage of dozens of oxygen tanks
  • Unexpected delivery interruptions or last-minute emergency deliveries
  • Understanding and complying with all of the various Federal, State, Local regulations, fees, permits, etc.
  • Maintenance and repair of expensive medical gas manifolds, regulators, panels, alarms, etc.

Liquid Oxygen

Liquid Oxygen is used primarily in larger volume practices due to its ability to store large amounts of Oxygen in a smaller space when compared to bottled Oxygen.

Liquid Oxygen (a light blue-colored liquid) is cryogenic, making it less bulky and less costly than an equivalent inventory of high-pressure bottled H-tanks. However, there are some key issues associated with Liquid Oxygen that requires staff training and monitoring which include:

  • The possibility of staff exposure to cryogenic Liquid Oxygen which may cause severe burns
  • Over-pressurization hazard due to rapid gas expansion in inadequately vented equipment
  • Requires special equipment for handling and storage
  • Loss rate of up to 3-5%/day due to evaporation

Traditional Oxygen Generators

Traditional Oxygen Generators feature An oxygen generator, air compressor, air dryer, air receiver tank, air storage tank, special water filters, and other required accessories. Depending on the size of the veterinary practice and the volume of oxygen being used, some Oxygen generators may be limited in their ability to meet the high volume demand of the veterinary practice. Some of these limitations include:

  • Functions as an “Always-On” device which affects the performance life of the equipment
  • Higher operational decibel noise levels are referred to as ‘excessively loud’
  • Higher levels of maintenance and equipment service calls
  • Potentially degraded performance over time
  • A fixed Oxygen volume output makes the system unable to scale with demand
  • Unpredictable mainline pressure drop-offs when supplying multiple stations
  • Lack of internal and external real-time oxygen monitoring systems

How does Airnetic overcome these Oxygen Supply Obstacles?

The Airnetic high-performance Oxygen System is a scalable, on-demand solution that provides Oxygen throughout your Veterinary practice. Airnetic’s powerful and compact design,  along with exceptional reliability, the Airnetic system is quickly becoming one of the leading oxygen solutions for today’s Veterinary Hospitals of any size.

The Airnetic Oxygen Supply System Models start at 30lpm with additional models scaling to 180lpm and beyond.  Airnetic delivers oxygen at a constant 50psi throughout the facility, no matter how many drops are in use at one time.

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Dr. Brian Maxwell, DVM

We installed an Airnetic Oxygen System in our Los Gatos, CA location and it worked so well, we decided to install another Airnetic system in our main hospital in Los Altos, CA.  Their professional team of people has been incredible to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an alternative oxygen solution.

Dr. Brian Maxwell, DVM

Adobe Animal Hospital


Dr. Brian Maxwell, DVM

Adobe Animal Hospital

Excerpt for testimonial

Dr. Roach, DVM

I don't have to worry about running out of oxygen. My people don't have to change tanks all the time, either. Our Airnetic oxygen system sits back there and it just keeps working. It's great!

Dr. Roach, DVM


Dr. Roach, DVM

I don't have to worry about running out of oxygen.

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