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Smith Veterinary Hospital replaces their liquid oxygen tanks with an Airnetic On-Demand Oxygen Supply
December 28th, 2013

Smith Veterinary Hospital, a 17 doctor veterinary practice located in Santa Fe, New Mexico replaced their liquid oxygen supply with an Airnetic On-Demand Oxygen system.

As a walk-in center that serves between 70-90 patients per day, the practices’ oxygen costs were beginning to skyrocket.  “We knew we needed to look for alternatives,” said head Tech, Jared Lyons. “We began looking for an oxygen alternative that would keep up with the increased oxygen supply demand, and that also allow us to continue to grow.  Changing out our liquid oxygen tanks had become an arduous task that repeatedly required changing at the most inconvenient times.”

“Our Airnetic Oxygen Supply System has been wonderful. It’s convenient, it is easy to maintain, and the Airnetic oxygen system has totally eliminated any concern about running short of oxygen. In addition, the people at Airnetic were, and continue to be, extraordinarily pleasant to work with. They check in on me regularly and they respond quickly and efficiently to any request. I would absolutely recommend Airnetic and their product to anyone.” Jared Lyons, Smith Veterinary Hospital.

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