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How to Replace Your Airnetic System Filter
February 1st, 2021


Your Airnetic On-Demand Oxygen system is equipped with 2 filters that must be replaced every three months to maximize equipment efficiency and to protect your investment. When filters are in optimal working conditions, maximum clean air is delivered to the oxygen concentrators which in turn are able to maximize oxygen purity. Additionally, clean filters allow compressors to work within normal parameters and prevent compressor strain. When compressors are strained, they require ever-increasing amounts of power to keep up with oxygen demand – working harder to reach the same goal. Changing filters regularly leads to a longer, more efficient compressor life and reduced energy consumption.

The good news is that changing the filters on your Airnetic On-Demand Oxygen Systems takes less than five minutes and requires no tools.

First, open the cabinet cover of your Airnetic Systems and locate the cylindrical black filters covers located at each compressor.


Step 1: Locate the black filter caps on each compressor (there are two of these per compressor). Grasp firmly, press down and twist the cap counter-clockwise.


Step 2: Lift the cap to expose the used filter. Remove the used filter and discard.


Step 3: Insert a new filter and replace the black cylindrical cover. Press the cover down and twist clockwise to lock into place.

(Note: This would be a good time to record the gauge readings on the performance log sheet included in your system. )

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