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Find out if on-demand oxygen is right for your practice!

Please complete this form to qualify for your $20 Gift Card and Thank You!

Terms: The reward card is only available to veterinary practices who are not currently Airnetic, LLC customers. Veterinary practices that are part of a hospital chain do not qualify for this offer. You must be employed at the Veterinary Practice you are responding for. Rewards limited to the first person from each practice to complete the form accurately. Airnetic, LLC. reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time.

    Oxygen Usage

    Which of these Oxygen using items do you have in your practice?

    Number of Anesthesia machines in use.

    Total hours in use per day.

    Number of Respirators/Venilators in use.

    Total hours per day respirator and/or ventilators are in use. If none enter 0.

    Number of Snyder ICU cages in use. If none enter 0.

    The Snyder ICU cage flow-meter setting when in use. If none enter 0.

    Total hours the Snyder ICU cage is in use per day. If none enter 0.

    Number of OTHER ICU-type cages in use. If none enter 0.

    Total hours other ICU cages are used per day. If none enter 0.

    What is your average Oxygen cost-per-month (from the ACTUAL monthly oxygen invoices) for the past three months.

    Total number of green bottled (H) oxygen tanks used per week.

    Total number of liquid oxygen tanks used per week. If none enter 0.

    Possible Future Oxygen Equipment Purchases. If none enter None.

    Please add any additional information or oxygen equipment not shown above that will help us determine your maximum (PEAK) daily oxygen use. Enter NONE if nothing else to add.

    Which Coffee store would you like a gift card to? (Please select an option below.)

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