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Customer Testimonial – Chris Ruggiero, Pieper Veterinary
October 19th, 2022

“What can I say about my Airnetics Dual 50 Oxygen Generator……It’s awesome! The peace of mind it provides knowing there will always be oxygen at the ready and plenty of it is welcoming to say the least. Here at Pieper Veterinary, we have a 45,000 square foot Emergency & Specialty Hospital that is supplied oxygen directly from our Dual 50 unit. We also utilize long term ventilators and high-flow oxygen therapy systems and the Dual 50 has no problem keeping up with the demand. The time saved not having to constantly manage and swap out tanks is extremely valuable. The Airnetics Dual 50 requires very little maintenance and over the years, has proven to be extremely reliable. Here at Pieper, we are also very in tune with the environment and are happy that we can do our part by not requiring to have tanks constantly picked-up and delivered.” – Christ Ruggiero, Director of Education and Technical Services, Pieper Veterinary, Middletown and Madison Connecticut

About Pieper Veterinary

Pieper Veterinary’s family of hospitals include primary care, specialty care, urgent care, and 24-hour emergency care, with locations reaching from the heart of the Connecticut River Valley down to the southern shoreline. In addition to primary and wellness care, our 24-hour emergency service and 7-day urgent care service provides your pet with care every day of the week. We also provide specialty services that include surgery, neurology,internal medicine, diagnostic imaging, oncology, critical care, and physical therapy that augment the services provided by your primary care veterinarian. Our mission is to provide exceptional medical care for your pet and the highest level of customer service to you as an owner.

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