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Customer Testimonial – Animal Emergency Clinic
February 17th, 2022


Animal Emergency Clinic has been a fixture in the Inland Empire landscape of Southern California since 1973. The clinic and its’ dedicated doctors and staff have been available to the local residents for those after-hour critical life-threatening veterinary issues that often occur to our four-legged family members after normal veterinary hours or anytime over weekends and holidays when daytime practices are unavailable.

In order to meet the ER surgical needs as well as the ER treatment needs of our patients, readily available oxygen has been absolutely essential. Until 2013 those needs for oxygen were provided via 12 rented oxygen tanks delivered through a local distributor twice a month. They were secured outdoors, wheeled into the clinic as needed, and cost us over $2000 a month. They were heavy, cumbersome, dangerous, and expensive.

In 2013, after searching for a viable alternative to oxygen tanks and interviewing several competitors, we found Airnetic.  We provided them with our need and they provided us with a self-generating central oxygen system.  We have never looked back. In addition to lowering our oxygen costs by more than 50%, this purchase has freed up cash flow and lowered our operating costs. We have significantly reduced the potential for employee injury and eliminated hazardous tank deliveries. Our system requires very low maintenance and if there is an issue, their team is available, via phone, any time of day, or in our case, night. We produce our own oxygen safely, efficiently,and cost-effectively and are free of the tanks. If we have any regrets, it’s that we didn’t find Airnetics earlier.

Linda Sisti, Practice Manager

Animal Emergency Clinic

Grand Terrace, CA

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